Aghanilak Service

Enjoy your choice of music instead of the standard dial tone

This service allows your caller to enjoy your choice of music instead of the standard dial tone. You can personalize specific ring-back for family and friends

My Status:
Is a new feature of the Aghanilak service that allows the user to replace the familiar "ring tone” heard when someone is calling the user, with his current mood or situation, in a clear message, without the need to answer the phone and explain.
  • The status tones will be free of charge
  • Umniah users can subscribe to RBT My Status feature through the Aghanilak APP for Google Play or Play Store By choosing “My Status” in the bottom tab bar
  • The status tones will be available in Arabic and English languages
if you’re is in a special occasion you can choose the below status through the Aghanilak APP as the below:
صاحب الرقم في مناسبة خاصة و لا يستطيع الرد يرجى منك ارسال رسالة نصية او الاتصال لاحقا
Dear Caller, the person you’re calling is in a special occasion and can’t answer the phone please send him a message or call him back later.

The subscriber can select from over 20 statuses or situations, for free, in a clear message without a need to answer the phone such as the below::
  • Working
  • Busy
  • Out of kingdom
  • Meeting
  • Vacation
  • Can’t answer
  • Family time
  • Sick
  • Sleeping
  • Driving

You can add any of the below music Boxes at 10 piasters/week ( each box contain 2 tones )
Music Box Code Singer Name Song Name Price
  • محمد الفارس
  • نور الزين
  • اعشق تفاصيلك
  • قافل
10 piaster
  • عبدالرحمن السديس
  • الشيخ ماهر بن حمد المعيقلي
  • اللهم اهدنا
  • اللهم لا تدع لنا ذنبا
10 piaster
  • قائد حلمي
  • قائد حلمي
  • الله لا يجعلني شامت1
  • ولك ها
10 piaster
  • سيف عامر
  • سيف نبيل
  • موجوع قلبي
  • ما مرتاح
10 piaster
  • نانسي عجرم
  • زياد برجي
  • عم بتعلق فيك 1
  • شو حلو
10 piaster
  • ماهر زين
  • ماهر زين
  • السلام عليك
  • مولاي
10 piaster
  • سيف نبيل
  • سيف نبيل
  • بروحك شريك
  • من تغيب
10 piaster
  • وائل كفوري
  • احمد المالاوي
  • حالة حب
  • أخيرا قالها
10 piaster
  • كاظم الساهر
  • كاظم الساهر
  • قلبي قوي
  • غمازتك
10 piaster
40539 حمزة نمرة داري يا قلبي 10 piaster

This offer is valid for ever.

To subscribe to the Aghanilak service:

To unsubscribe from the Aghanilak service:
  • Send the word “stop” to 98139
  • Through the Aghanilak application
  • Call Aghanilak on 090001313
The subscriber can suspend his Aghanilak subscription by sending “suspend” to 98139, and he can reactivate the subscription by sending “Activate” to 98139 any time .

Aghanilak service subscriptions:
  • Prepaid: JD0.30/Weekly
  • Postpaid: JD1.20/monthly
  • Tone price: JD0.10/weekly

The priority of the deduction is for weekly subscription .3JD, in case of insufficient funds you will be charged as per the availability of funds for any of the following subscription as per the shown order:
  • 30 piaster for 7 days subscription.
  • 25.7 piaster for 6 days subscription.
  • 21.4 piaster for 5 days subscription
  • 17.1 piaster for 4 days subscription
  • 12.9 piaster for 3 days subscription

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