UGames - Instant Win and Daily Games

This summer, Umniah plans to launch a campaign to entertain its subscribers and allow them to win prizes on a daily and monthly basis.

This campaign will be launched on 15th of July, and will run untill the end of October 2021. The summer campaign will be released through Umniah’s application and will be given the name “UGames”. Within UGames, there are two main games. The first game will be called “Instant Win” and the second game will be called “Daily Games”.

This campaign will target all the Prepaid, Postpaid, TDD and FDD subscribers except for the Corporate Lines, Employee Lines, and Black listed subscribers.

When subscribers enter UGames, they will be required to register for UGames by entering their name, gender, birthdate, and interests. Then they will be asked to choose their avatar. After doing so, the subscribers will be redirected to the screen with the available games (Instant Win, and Daily Games). The subscribers will have the chance to choose which game they are willing to play


Note: It should be noted that only subscribers with umnicoin accounts are permitted to access UPlay. Any non-umnicoin user will be requestd to register on umnicoin first and register afterwards.


Instant Win:

Prepaid Base:
Every one JOD recharged by the subscriber will allow them to have one free trial of the game.

Postpaid Base:
Every 3 JODs paid on the subscriber’s invoice by the subscriber will allow them to have one free trial of the game. Postpaid subscribers should pay their invoices by the 4th of each month at the latest, so that their trials can be added to them.

Daily Games:
On a daily basis, the subscribers will be asked to complete 3 general tasks. The completion of the task will reward the subscriber with points depending on the difficultly level of the task. On certain days, a special task will be released and this task may be available for a limited time period during the day. The special task will reward the subscribers with more points compared to the general tasks.


Campaign Details:

How to participate in the campaign and win prizes:


Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4


Instant Win:


Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
11 22 33 44
  • Instant Win will allow the subscriber to get the chance to win one of the many prizes that are available. The number of trials each subscriber gets will vary depending on the amount paid on their invoice or recharged on their lines.
  • The exciting part this year is that no subscribers will land in the “Hard Luck” category. All the subscribers are winners; the difference is in the rewards won by each subscriber.
  • At the end of the campaign, any subscriber that played at least once on Instant Win will enter the raffle for the 2 final grand prizes of 5000 JD each on the 4th November 2021.


The prizes won by the subscribers from Instant Win include:

  • When a new customer logs to U-Gaming website a window will pop up with all information required about the service and the subscription value
  • Once the customer clicks on “subscribe now” button, he /she will be asked to enter the mobile number to receive a subscription code, once the customer enters the code, he/she will receive an SMS to confirm the subscription.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Umnicoin
  • Internet Bundles
  • Minutes Bundles (On-Net, Off-Net)
  • Free Credit
  • Free Points for Daily Games
  • Jokers on UPlay


Daily Games:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
111 222

At the beginning of every month, a set of pre-defined tasks (3 tasks per calendar day) will appear on the screen. On a daily basis, the subscribers will be able to complete the tasks available, which will allow them to engage with the different platforms and services offered by Umniah. The tasks are divided into three categories: easy, medium, and difficult. According to the difficulty of the task, the subscribers will be rewarded with “virtual” points.

On a monthly basis, the top 10 subscribers (the top 10 scores from the monthly leaderboard – which will be reset on a monthly basis) will be chosen as the monthly winners. The more tasks are completed, and the earlier in the day that the tasks are completed, the higher the rank of the subscriber, and the higher the chances the subscriber will have of winning one of the prizes available. At the end of the campaign, the top 10 winners (based on the accumulative score throughout the campaign) will be rewarded with valuable prizes.

  • Easy Tasks : 1000 Points
  • Medium Tasks : 2000 Points
  • Hard Tasks : 3000 Points


On special occasions, or on certain pre-defined dates, a special task will appear for the subscribers.


  • Easy Special Tasks : 1500 Points
  • Medium Special Tasks : 2500 Points
  • Hard Special Tasks : 3500 Points


These prizes include:

  • Valuable Cash Prizes on UWallet
  • Handsets (Final monthly only)


The tasks will belong to one of the following categories:

  1. Umnicoin
  2. Social Media
  3. Umniah services
  4. Umniah promotions
  5. Umniah platforms
  6. UQuiz
  7. Weekly Offer
  8. Recharges and 404
  9. Daily tips
  10. Customer information
  11. E-methods
  12. Trivia questions
  13. Interactive games (Puzzle, Guess the logo, which picture doesn't belong)


Grand Prize Raffle:

  • The raffle for the grand prize will take place on 4-Nov-2021
  • Every Instant Win trial will give the customer one entry into the raffle for the two 5,000 JOD grand prizes.
  • To be eligible to enter the raffle for the grand prize the customer should have played at least once.
  • The winner of the cash prize will be responsible for paying all taxes
  • Raffle winners must visit Umniah’s main building to collect their reward within 30 days.

Eligible base:

  • Prepaid GSM
  • Residential Postpaid GSM
  • Residential Pre-Corp GSM
  • 3G prepaid & Postpaid
  • 4G Prepaid & Postpaid
  • Home Broadband (TDD)
  • Fiber


Excluded base:

  • Corporate lines
  • Sub dealers’ Lines
  • Employee Lines

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