Talk with one piaster on Umniah network and 2 piasters on other local operators!


Destination Rates
On net Minutes 1 Piaster per minute
Off net Minutes 2 Piasters per minute
Data Bundle 2 Piasters per MB
SMS 2 Piasters per SMS
International Minutes Based on the destination

The International Rate:


Country Name The international or roaming rate/Minute
Egypt 0.070 JD
India 0.025 JD
Bangladesh 0.025 JD
Philippines 0.100 JD
China 0.0250 JD
Kenya 0.1100 JD
Myanmar 0.0700 JD
Cambodia 0.0800 JD
Sri Lanka 0.1100 JD
Syria 0.2000 JD
Nepal 0.0950 JD
Pakistan 0.0700 JD
Ethiopia 0.1700 JD
Yemen 0.1000 JD


  • International and local calls are rated per minute
  • This line is excluded from the gifts promotions.
  • Basic line bundles can be bought through *680#:
Internet Local Calls Validity Price
3 GB Free 10 Days 3 JD
9 GB Free 21 Days 5 JD


Line validity:


Denomination Active Suspended Inactive
1 - 2 JDs 14 Days 1 Day 90 Days
3 - 4 JDs 30 Days 1 Day 90 Days
5 - 9 JDs 60 Days 1 Day 90 Days
10 - 35 JDs 365 Days 1 Day 90 Days


All the below lines are eligible to change to the new Uline packages:

  • Youth Packages (Shababi Smart Lines)
  • Sports Packages (Al Mared al akhdar, Alnisr al azraq)
  • Expats Packages (International Line, Special Faraena Line, Faraena Lines, Philippines Line, Asia Line, Syria Line, India Line, Tourism Line)
  • Army Packages
  • Governorate Packages (Ajaweed Lines)
  • Smart Packages (Smart Lines, Teacher Line)
  • Kul bil Kul line and all lines that do not require a monthly subscription.

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