U 7+ Governorates  

Choose the best line for governorates residents and enjoy your internet bundle, with free local calls on any network all day long.

Destination Rates
Local Minutes Free
Data Bundle 13 GB
Data Bundle Inside Governorate 7 GB
SMS 3,000
Monthly Fee 7 JD
International Minutes 150 minutes to Bangladesh or India or 30 minutes for the Philippines 500 minutes to Palestine (Ooredoo)


**The data bundle inside the governorate can be used in all governorates except Amman, Irbid, and Zarqa.


Free international minutes are activated through *912#:


Destination Minutes
Egypt 7 piasters/minute
Bangladesh 150 minutes
India 150 minutes
Philippines 30 minutes
Palestine (Ooredoo) 500 minutes


** Customers can choose only one country and can also cancel the bundle and add new one with each monthly subscription

      • Enjoy our carry-over feature so you don’t lose what you don’t use, as long as your line is not partially or completely disconnected
      • Renew your subscription before it’s due by dialing *456#or through Umniah Application
      • International calls are rated per minute




All the below lines are eligible to change to the new Uline packages:

  • Youth Packages (Shababi Smart Lines)
  • Sports Packages (Al Mared al akhdar, Alnisr al azraq)
  • Expats Packages (International Line, Special Faraena Line, Faraena Lines, Philippines Line, Asia Line, Syria Line, India Line, Tourism Line)
  • Army Packages
  • Governorate Packages (Ajaweed Lines)
  • Smart Packages (Smart Lines, Teacher Line)
  • Kul bil Kul line and all lines that do not require a monthly subscription.
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