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About Umniah


We love bringing people together, redefining possibilities and enriching their experiences


Today’s technology has brought us all together in unimaginable ways, allowing families and loved ones to stay connected instantly and with unprecedented ease. Meanwhile, transactions, education, research, and even entertainment is now only a swipe away! It is truly a great time to be alive.


And at Umniah, we believe that bringing these technologies to our communities and making them more accessible, sustainable, and cost-effective, will provide the foundations needed to substantially enrich people’s daily lives while facilitating social progress and development.


Our Footprint


We entered the Jordanian market in 2005 with a singular objective: to democratize connectivity and technology in a way that made it available to everyone, with a focus on youth.

Over the years, we have sought to deliver an array of solutions that transform the way technology fits into the daily lives of people. As a subsidiary of Bahrain’s Batelco Group, our commitment to disruptive innovation has allowed us to become one of the region’s fastest-growing telecommunications providers. By offering a diverse array of high-quality mobile, internet, and enterprise solutions, we have worked tirelessly to make technology more accessible, affordable, and reliable for countless communities throughout Jordan, cultivating a loyal customer base of around 3 million customers in one of the region’s most competitive markets. Today, we are spearheading the digital revolution in the country, with an emphasis on core technologies like mobile productivity, security, cloud computing, mobile payment to name a few. We continue to push the limits of digital technologies that enhance day-to-day experiences, such as smart home automation, security systems, and digital financial services.


We love getting there first — not for the novelty, but because it pushes us to find innovative solutions to problems standing in the way of progress. We were consistently first in introducing cutting-edge communication technologies that effectively democratized broadband connectivity for both personal and enterprise use. Since launch, one of our prime goals has been to make cutting-edge technologies more accessible to consumers without compromising on reliability and the user experience — the core pillars of digital technology.


We believe in young people and the potential they carry for transformative change.

We knew going in that our hopes for an interconnected world rests with our youth, who see the world not as it is but as it should be. This is why we chose to deliver smart, creative and affordable, solutions that speak to the needs of young people, all the while investing hundreds of millions in the development of our LTE 4G and LTE Fixed networks to breathe continuous life into these solutions. As a result, we reached more new customers than ever, helping them transform the way they connect with all that matters to them.


We rose to the challenges of cybersecurity.


After redefining the standards of telecom, we sought to address one of the growing challenges of our time: cybersecurity. This led to the launch of Umniah's Security Operations Center (SOC), which has helped countless organizations to better monitor their IT infrastructure and prevent potential threats. All of these services are managed over the cloud in partnership with major players in the information security industry. We also introduced the first Tier III Design and Constructed Facility data center in Jordan — certified by the Uptime Institute — to deliver a colocation facility with high availability and state-of-the-art environment. This has formed yet another asset to Jordan’s growing business landscape.


We strive to re-imagine the foundations and assumptions of numerous sectors.


In 2019, we turned our attention to redefining the power sector in Jordan. We partnered with the Jordan Electric Power Company (JEPCO) to establish a large-scale fiber optic network servicing areas operated by the company, delivering wholesale high-bandwidth internet services to more than 1.4 million homes and businesses and counting. This has been one of many partnerships that have reshaped a wide array of core industries, including education, health and innovation.

We consistently go after disruptive innovation.

Given that innovation is not possible without a thriving startup industry, we also turned our focus to these fundamental pillars of the economy, who face enormous odds in their journey to profitability. This led to the establishment of The Tank, our flagship business incubator, which delivers an open and dynamic platform to guide and support Jordan’s start-up entrepreneurs. The Tank has had an unprecedented impact on the growth of numerous startups in the country who were able to propel the growth of their nascent businesses, benefiting from our diverse partnerships with various startup accelerator programs, companies, and investors that support this endeavor.

We care about our communities.

Lastly, Umniah has and will always be a socially responsible organization by not only providing consistent and substantial support to a wide array of community-focused initiatives but also by leveraging its core capabilities to support a number of key sectors in Jordan, including education, health, sports, environmental preservation, among others.


An Eye for the Future

The year 2020 will bring about numerous challenges and opportunities. We stand ready to meet them all.

In 2020, Umniah will continue to focus on redefining these core aspects of modern-day business. Our efforts continue to pay off; we were named the fastest-growing telecom company in Jordan during the 2019 International Business Magazine Awards, and were the runner up in the Best Application/Use of Mobile award during the 2018 Gulf Customer Experience Awards, we also received the silver award for Customer Complaints at International Customer Experience Awards 2019. Moreover, we were the first company in Jordan to receive the ISO 10001:2018 Quality Management - Customer Satisfaction Certification, and the ISO 22301:2012 certification for Business Continuity Management.


We were also ranked among the best managed security service providers by Fortinet — a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions — and Speedtest by Ookla named Umniah the fastest network in Jordan for 2016. As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to play a crucial role in Jordan’s response, either by leveraging technology to help digitize the local business sector, or by directly supporting national efforts through our philanthropy programs.

For more information, visit www.umniah.com or www.Facebook/umniah or @umniah on Twitter and Instagram, or @umniahjo on SnapChat or call Umniah at 07-88001333.

Umniah Firsts

At Umniah, we always strive to enhance our competitive advantage and to provide advanced, At Umniah, we always strive to enhance our competitive advantage and to provide advanced, content-rich and customer-centric services. As a subsidiary of Batelco Group, we have proven to be pioneers in the development of comprehensive telecom services. We always meet the dynamic needs of our customers, providing them with cutting-edge and innovative technology.Our prominent achievements include:


  • Umniah received international recognition as Jordan’s fastest mobile network in 2016, certified from Speedtest by Ookla; the global leader in internet testing and metrics. 

  • In Q1 2016 and for the first time in Jordan,  Umniah launched its high-speed Internet service via its LTE 4G Mobile Network “evo 4G” and its LTE Fixed Network.

  • Umniah’s  Intelligent Network and Value Added Services (VAS) platforms offer a variety of existing and new services. The features distinguish Umniah subscribers from others.

  • In addition to superior voice services, we provide high bandwidth for all data applications, with an SMS gateway and GPRS/EDGE nationwide coverage. 

  • For the First Time in Jordan, Umniah launches “Mahfazati” for comprehensive mobile financial services, globally known as the Mobile Wallet. 

  • Umniah was the first telecom operator to adopt the unprecedented per-second billing for both prepaid and postpaid customers in the region. This positively and tangibly impacted the local market and telecom services. Our per-second billing allows all Umniah subscribers to pay for the exact air time used to the nearest second.


  • Umniah was also the first operator in Jordan to introduce lower denomination scratch cards. This made recharging prepaid lines more flexible and affordable for our prepaid customers. This is in line with our longstanding policy to provide quality services at highly competitive prices.

  • Umniah further strengthened its role as a market pioneer through the introduction of its ‘Aghanilak’ ringback tone service. This was the first service of its kind in Jordan. Subscribers can replace the standard ring tone heard by incoming callers with a personalized audio selection that includes jingles, songs and sound effects.

  • Umniah was the first to offer the easy-to-use interactive Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) menu, giving customers access to both infotainment as well as customer care services.

  • Umniah was the first mobile operator in the Middle East to offer Voice SMS services for its customers. This service enables users to send voice messages to one another rather than typing messages, making it a faster, more efficient and reliable service.

  • Umniah was the first operator in Jordan to introduce Umax, its own brand for WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access). This state-of-the-art technology provides Internet users with high quality access to the Internet with no need for a landline.

  • Last but  not least, Umniah was the first in Jordan to implement the fastest 3.75G network in the Kingdom, which offers great coverage nationwide.
Corporate Identity

Umniah’s simple and minimalist logo, coupled with its unique and easily-identifiable color, created high recognition in a short period of time and established Umniah as a young, modern, innovative, ambitious, customer-centric, and down-to-earth brand.

With its two diverging circles, inspired by the concept of converging ‘thought bubbles’, the logo represents ongoing innovation with infinite growth and potential.


At Umniah’s original launch, our slogan was ‘Be Heard’. It expressed a dedication to effective communication with subscribers, and a commitment to providing them with high quality modern telecom services and solutions.

As Umniah’s operations reached a deeper level of maturity, we wanted to adopt a new and more encompassing message which also incorporated the ethos of ‘Be Heard’. Therefore, Umniah launched its ‘Belong’ culture in March 2010. This message builds upon solid relationships we have nurtured with the local community.



Umniah: Inspired by U


U are our inspiration and U are our priority!

  • Moving forward for U
  • Keeping up with U
  • Innovating for U
  • Stronger with U
  • Motivated by U
  • Inspired by U

We thank all our customers for all the past experiences we went through together, and we promise to keep evolving to serve your ambitions and dreams. You are our focus and inspiration. We develop and innovate for You

Company's Philosophy

Umniah has a strong ethos and a business philosophy in Digital Transformation which drive our decisions. A key factor behind Umniah’s success is its sound and calculated business strategies. We aim to provide a comprehensive range of digitized telecom solutions that include advanced mobile, Internet, and business solutions services at competitive prices, balancing quality with value for money. Umniah’s dedication to serving customers as our first priority has produced a keen corporate interest in the latest market developments and evolving needs of consumer segments.

Our approach takes into consideration both individuals and corporate subscribers in our comprehensive provision of Internet, mobile, and business solutions. We pride ourselves in upholding our promise to provide high quality services at competitive prices. The Umniah Belong culture plays a critical role in strengthening our relations with our stakeholders and in instilling mutual trust. As a result, we now hold greater responsibility to maintain our advanced standards of operations. We guarantee an unprecedented service to all those who belong to the Umniah family.

Umniah Belong

At Umniah’s original launch, our slogan was ‘Be Heard’. It expressed a dedication to effective communication with subscribers, and a commitment to providing them with high quality modern telecom services and solutions. As Umniah’s operations reached a deeper level of maturity, we wanted to adopt a new and more encompassing message which also incorporated the ethos of ‘Be Heard’.


Therefore, Umniah launched its ‘Belong’ culture in March 2010. This message builds upon solid relationships we have nurtured with the local community. It developed our existing values, directions, and beliefs in a message of inclusivity. Through this culture Umniah has endeavored to enrich the way it communicates and interacts with all its strategic partners and stakeholders. This is not just a corporate message, but an ethos that extends to our implementation of socially responsible initiatives, activities, and future campaigns.

We belong to a number of platforms that include education, knowledge, creativity, innovation, arts and culture, sports, adventure, environment, health, and others, in addition to youth and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We want to positively contribute as an integral part of all the initiatives we belong to.